HI-MACS is the Golden Ticket

HI-MACS is the Golden Ticket

From KitKat to Smarties and Chocolate Orange to Polo Mints, some of the world's most Iconic confectionaery brands started their lives in York.  So when the historic town's lasest visitor attraction - "Chocolate. York's Sweet Story" - opened it's doors, ot could not have been in a more appropriate location.

With seven million visitors passing through York annually and "Chocolate, York's Sweet Story" right in the middle of the tourist route, fixtures within this state-of-the-art interactice attraction, were going to be tested to their limits.

The brief from Continuum Leading Attractions of York, who own and operate the attraction, specified that they were looking for a materioal that would not wear, look tired or deteriorate in terms of its appearance or performance plus, it needed to be versatile and flexible enough to achieve the flowing, soothing and dreamy shapes created in the manufacturing process of chocolate.

The solution was to use HI-MACS® Solid Surface.

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