University Challenge

University Challenge


The Students Union at Newcastle University was having a refurbishment . This was to take place in a 180-year-old listed building, and needed to be both visually appealing and durable.  

Hi Macs Solid Surface Solution

James Latham's solid surface material, LG HI-MACS®, was the ideal solution for this project. This is because some of the key benefits of Hi Macs is it is highly durable, but also extremely versatile. Although it is as robust as stone, the material can be modified in the same manner as wood using tools. This is just what was needed for this project, and so 400 sheets of Hi Macs solid surface material were provided.

Over 40 columns, including four which were 6m tall and spanning two floors of the main bar area, were created using  HI-MACS®.  They also constructed two bars, including the main acrylic bar top which incorporates a feature island, plus two, 2.5m tall circular seating areas from HI-MACS®.

The outcome of the prestigious project was that it was highly successful. The project gainedFaulkner Browns top prizein the Education Interior Design Award category at the National Mixology North Awards, and they also won Design Practice of the Year.

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