‘The Sky it the Limit’ for HI-MACS® at 100% Design Show

‘The Sky it the Limit’ for HI-MACS® at 100% Design Show

Belgian designer Xavier Bonte set himself the challenge of building a household object that would be both a work of art, and a useful, compact device for urban living.

Inspired by a dream about a cloud, he developed his 'The Sky Is The Limit' kitchen island pod using  HI-MACS®solid surface.

It was a big draw at the 100% Design Show in London recently where it was highlighted as one of the top 20 designs to watch and was featured on the BBC News Technology website (see link below) .


When all of the doors are closed, the technical aspect of the island disappears and the blue lines remain in contrast to the stark white, resembling an inversion of the white contrails of an airplane in a blue sky.

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham, HI-MACS® is a solid surface offering superior design possibilities and excellent long-term performance, used both in the home and in many different commercial environments, from hotels to healthcare, retail to marine. 

With its balance of beauty and performance, HI-MACS® lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications. 

If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with HI-MACS®.  

Available in over 100 colours, and four thicknesses HI-MACS® can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlaid… the design options are almost limitless.