Eden - The Ecological Solid Surface

Eden - The Ecological Solid Surface

James Latham has added 'Eden' to its HI-MACS® portfolio, the ecological solid surface material which has been created for projects of the future.

Featuring up to 40 per cent certified pre-consumer recycled material, HI-MACS® Eden has been recognised by the US Scientific Certification System for the large proportion of recycled material it uses,  helping architects and designers to achieve LEED credits in sustainable design.

Plus, Eden's colour palette offers an additional thirteen warm, natural shades including, Honeysuckle, Pecan, Ripe Cotton and Mountain Ash.

Steve Robinson, Lathams' Product Champion for HI-MACS® in the UK said, "The recycled material in Eden makes this eco-friendly HI-MACS® variant one of the most environmentally conscious acrylic products available.

  "Not only are our customers becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using recycled materials in design projects, but end users - their customers - are asking questions about the environmental credentials of the products and materials they are being supplied with.  Eden gives architects and interior designers another option which is not only aesthetically superior, highly practical, durable and easy to maintain because of its non-porous qualities, but it also reduces the impact on the environment, ticking another box in the specification criteria."


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