Cast Sinks & Basins

Commercial sinks can endure a lot of stress. They are often continuously used, leaving no time to dry out between hand washes causing mould and mildew to become a big problem. It's understandable that users of public amenities want access to clean and tidy facilities and, by taking advantage of integrated sink systems from James Latham, you can ensure your visitors leave feeling happy.

Integrated cast sinks and basins are the perfect solution for commercial bathrooms such as those within restaurants, service stations, airports and hotels. Their seamless design and waterproof joints make maintenance easier than ever before and provide a sleek, modern finish. HI-MACS® is a robust, versatile material, designed to replace traditional options such as wood or metal due to its impressive waterproof and stainproof construction.

Available in Alpine White and Nougat Cream, our range of HI-MACS® sinks and bowls will easily improve the look of any commercial bathroom. Get in touch with the team today or request a sample using our enquiry form.

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