Blue HI-MACS Colours

If you're looking for a HI-MACS® product that will complement sophisticated design and provide a calming atmosphere, then our collection of blues will be of interest to you.

Known for its connotations of trust, honesty and security, blue is a great colour when used in commercial workplaces. From deep indigo and cosmic blue through to the sapphire and sky blue, our range has something for everyone. We also stock midnight pearl, a speckled HI-MACS® colour for a more decorative finish.

Use our contact form to order your samples today and ensure your chosen colour brings out the best in your design.

NEW 2017 - Cosmic Blue Sapphire Midnight Pearl Sky Blue

Cosmic Blue
S120 - Solids

S303 - Lucent

Midnight Pearl
G15 - Sands/Pearls

Sky Blue
S203 - Solids

Deep Indigo

Deep Indigo
S115 - Solids