Bright/Vibrant HI-MACS Colours

HI-MACS is available in a range of different colours to suit different requirements. Our bright and vibrant collection of surface colours is ideal for creating interesting commercial spaces that quickly attract the attention of clients and customers.

Within this collection we stock exciting reds and oranges, fresh yellows and greens as well as more contemporary colours such as festival pink.

If your HI-MACS® project requires a colour that will stand out from its surroundings, be sure to choose from our bright and vibrant range below. Feel free to contact the team using our enquiry form if you have any further questions.

HI-MACS_Lucent_S304_Ruby.jpg HI-MACS_Solids_S25_FieryRed.jpg HI-MACS_Solids_S26_Banana.jpg HI-MACS_Solids_S27_Orange.jpg

S304 - Lucent

Fiery Red
S25 - Solids

S26 - Solids

S27 - Solids

S208-FESTIVAL-PINK_new_300dpi.jpg S211_Lemon_Squash_new_300dpi.jpg S212-Light-Green-Colours-HI-MACS

Festival Pink
S116 - Solids

Lemon Squash
S106 - Solids

Light Green
S212 - Solids