Green HI-MACS Colours

At James Latham, we have the capabilities to deliver a range of commercial HI-MACS® products in various shades of green. With three unique colours on offer, we can ensure that every project is delivered with a suitable shade to meet their exact needs.

From the solid colour of S119 Evergreen to the volcanic tones of VG21 Maui, Latham's produces high-quality products with a focus on delivering exceptional performance in a commercial environment.

Possible applications include display cabinets, commercial desks and retail display units. No matter your desired purpose, choosing Latham's HI-MACS® ensures than your project is supplied with industry-leading and durable materials.

To learn more about our green shades, please submit a request using our contact form.

Evergreen Emerald Maui

S119 - Solids

S305 - Lucent

VG21 - Volcanics