White/Light HI-MACS Colours

At James Latham, we stock a wide selection of white and light-coloured HI-MACS® materials suitable for multiple commercial projects. With 17 different shades and effects including solid, granite and pearl there is something for everyone in this collection.

Whether your commercial project requires warm creams and beiges or crisp Nordic and Alpine whites, we have the ideal shade.

HI-MACS® is suitable for a wide range of applications including reception areas, display cabinets and retail cabinets. The lighter colours in our HI-MACS® range are the perfect solution for heavily-used areas as wear and tear is often less noticeable when compared with darker pigments.

If you're interested in sampling any of our 17 shades you can submit a request using our contact form.

Ispani Ice Queen Arctic Granite Opal

M428 - Marmo

Ice Queen
W001 - Lucia

Arctic Granite
G34 - Granite

S302 - Lucent

Crystal Beige Lunar Sand Tapioca Pearl Arctic White

Crystal Beige
G101 - Quartz

Lunar Sand
G108 - Sands/Pearls

Tapioca Pearl
G50 - Sands/Pearls

Arctic White
S06 - Solids

Cream Nougat Cream Satin White Nordic White

S09 - Solids

Nougat Cream
S201 - Solids

Satin White
S01 - Solids

Nordic White
S033 - Solids

Alpine White Ivory White Gemini Andromeda

Alpine White
S28 - Solids

Ivory White
S29 - Solids

VW01 - Volcanics

T17 - Galaxy

Diamond White

Diamond White
S034 - Solids