Thermoformed Bowls

Using HI-MACS® thermoformed bowls for your commercial bathrooms is the next step towards creating a luxurious image with the durability required to keep up with the continuous usage that they often experience. With no time to dry properly between uses, mildew can often be an issue for commercial sinks, but our thermoformed bowls provide a solution to this problem through their sleek, seamless designs.

Perfect for restaurants, airports, hotels and service stations, our range of sinks give interior designers limitless opportunities to create incredibly special interiors. HI-MACS is a robust and versatile solid surface, designed to replace traditional options like metal or wood due to its impressive waterproof and stainproof composition. Comprised from 75% natural minerals and pigments, our thermoformed bowls are set in an acrylic matrix to ensure stability and durability.

Available in a majority of our colours (excluding Marmo and Volcanics), our range of HI-MACS thermoformed bowls are guaranteed to improve the appearance of any commercial bathroom. Get in touch with the team today or request a sample using our enquiry form.

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