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HI-MACS® provides countless possibilities for individual design, precisely aligned with and tailored to your client's needs and demands of their specific projects. Time and time again, environmentally-harmonic solutions are created, which further accredit the success rate of our services. HI-MACS® is an all-round environmentally-friendly material, starting with its resource-conserving composition and energy-balanced manufacture to its virtually waste-free fabrication and disposal.


Aluminium hydroxide is produced as a by-product in the production of aluminium.


Produced with an outstanding energy balance, the plants sourced in South Korea and Atlanta also meet all environmental requirements, due to the minimal sourcing needed.


The material can be practically fabricated without off-cuts, reducing waste product and improving efficiency.


The material can be disposed of with household waste and can be burnt without creating toxic smoke.

The product

Since September 2010, HI-MACS® has offered the Eden Collection in a wide range of colours, of which 12% to 40% are made from recycled materials. We offer a palette to complement any ecologically-centred building project. The Eden Collection is certified by the Scientific Certification System (SCS) and allows a building to earn 1 or 2 LEED credits, a definite benefit when constructing a sustainable and environmentally-conscious building.

The environmentally-friendly properties of HI-MACS® are supported by a plethora of internationally recognised certificates. Without exception, all products offered by HI-MACS® are manufactured to comply with the ISO 9001, a standard that ensures product and consumer standards are met. We take pride in ensuring our products also conform to the environmental standards laid down in ISO 14001.

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