HI-MACS Applications & Sectors

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HI-MACS® is a versatile material suitable for a number of residential applications. The durable and adaptable nature of the material provides a unique simplicity and enables it to be used in a range of environments without having to make any complicated adjustments.

Whether your project is to install a new breakfast bar, food preparation area or even an outdoor bar you can count on HI-MACS® to be the material of choice. The easy-to-maintain surface and resistance to both germs and mildew makes HI-MACS® the perfect solution for all food and drink applications. Due to the nature of the product, there are no joints or crevices to harbor dirt or germs which is not only more hygienic but also easier to keep clean.

The durable composition of HI-MACS® also makes it perfect for outdoor use. We often recommend this tough material for applications such as wall cladding and signage as its UV stability means colour will not fade, even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

HI-MACS® is also impact resistant, meaning that it can be used safely for furniture and display units. If you're planning a project that requires a contemporary, hard-wearing material for applications such as seating, shelving and other indoor furniture HI-MACS® will not disappoint.

We also recommend HI-MACS® for use in a range of wet environments such as marine spaces and washrooms. Its non-porous surface means it remains water-tight throughout its life and prevents discolouration and staining. HI-MACS® sinks and bowls can also be seamlessly integrated into washroom vanity tops leaving you with a professional result every time.

If you're interested in using HI-MACS® for your next project, request a sample using our online form and we'll be back in touch.