Cream HI-MACS Colours

Residential properties can easily benefit from our vast range of HI-MACS® colours and styles. We stock 16 difference shades of cream to bring a light and airy feel to your client's property. We can supply HI-MACS® suitable for hallways and other high-traffic areas as well as display units and bathroom counters.

Our collection features solid, pearl, quartz and volcanic effect designs which help to bring every home closer to nature. These popular styles including G48 Beach Sand and M103 Bologna are perfect for all areas of the home and will surely impress any visitor. HI-MACS® is a versatile product bringing together the aesthetics of natural materials and resistance of acrylic to create this popular alternative to wood or stone.

To find out more about our variety of HI-MACS® colours or to order a sample, contact us today.

Suede Lentil Nebula Venus

S121 - Lucia

W007 - Granite

T010 - Sands/Pearls

T011 - Sands/Pearls

Peanut Butter Sea Oat Quartz Moonscape Quartz Riviera Sand

Peanut Butter
G100 - Volcanics

Sea Oat Quartz
G038 - Solids

Moonscape Quartz
G058 - Lucia

Riviera Sand
G106 - Sands/Pearls

Beach Sand Almond Babylon Beige Tambora

Beach Sand
G048 - Sands/Pearls

S22 - Solids

Babylon Beige
S102 - Volcanics

VE01 - Volcanics