Dark/Black HI-MACS Colours

At James Latham, we have 8 different black and dark HI-MACS® shades to suit many different residential applications. We understand the shift towards contemporary design and our collection of products reflects this.

Choose from Star Queen or Black Sand to add a touch of sparkle or, if you prefer plain, we have a choice of solid colours such as Black or Dark Night.

Using dark HI-MACS® colours in residential projects is a great way to add elegance to any room.

It is important to note that dark pigments in this range can suffer from scratches and wear-and-tear more easily than lighter tones and this should be taken into consideration when choosing blacks for certain applications.

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Star Queen Black Granite Black Sand Black Pearl

Star Queen
W004 - Lucia

Black Granite
G31 - Granite

Black Sand
G09 - Sands/Pearls

Black Pearl
G10 - Sands/Pearls

Black Cima Dark Night

S22 - Solids

VB02 - Volcanics

Dark Night
S111 - Solids