Grey HI-MACS Colours

As a leading UK supplier of HI-MACS®, James Latham stocks a wide range of colours to suit the needs of any residential project. Our diverse collection of greys reflects the growing demand for this sophisticated colour scheme that will bring class to any property.

HI-MACS® is a great choice for home projects, providing unique decorative options with added durability. With a selection of 24 different greys including granite, sparkle and solid effects, we have something to suit all tastes.

Create a truly polished interior with shades such as VA01 Santa Ana or G107 Pebble Pearl suitable for high-traffic areas throughout the home.

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Mink Shadow Queen Kold Silver White Granite

S118 - Solids

Shadow Queen
W003 - Lucia

Kold Silver
P102 - Spar

White Granite
G05 - Granite

Platinum Granite Grey Granite White Quartz Grey Sand

Platinum Granite
G07 - Granite

G17 - Granite

White Quartz
G04 - Quartz

Grey Sand
G02 - Sands/Pearls

Pebble Pearl Grey Concrete Grey Santa Ana

Pebble Pearl
G107 - Sands/Pearls

S05 - Solids

Concrete Grey
S103 - Solids

Santa Ana
VA01 - Volcanics

Frosty Marta Grey Steel Grey Grey Crystal

VA22 - Volcanics

Marta Grey
S108 - Solids

Steel Grey
S209 - Solids

Grey Crystal
G102 - Granite

Hercules Carina Midnight Grey New Moon

T20 - Galaxy

T18 - Galaxy

Midnight Grey
S117 - Solids

New Moon
T19 - Galaxy