HI-MACS Thermoformed Bowls

Residential sinks can endure a lot of stress, but our impact resistant thermoformed HI-MACS bowls are perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms. Seamless integration means our thermoformed sinks are mildew and germ resistant, and the need for sealant is eliminated, adding to their multitude of benefits. Its non-porous surface makes it incredibly easy to clean, with no specialist treatments or chemical required, reducing the risk of stains or water damage.

At James Latham, we supply our solid surface thermoformed bowls in most of our colours (excluding Marmo and Volvanics), meaning they can be personalised to match modern kitchens and bathrooms. All of our bowls are comprised of 75% natural mineral and pigments, our thermoformed bowls are set in an acrylic matrix to ensure stability and durability. With a 10-year warrantee, our clients can be sure that their purchase is protected for the foreseeable future.

Choosing from our range of 12 basin styles, creating a stylish interior has never been easier. Contact us for more information or request your free sample using our enquiry form.

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